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Marlene Mendoza Casting team is a one-stop-shop for as Casting Director, Executive Producer and we provide businesses virtual assistance services.  Included with our Casting Director fee we give film and business consulting advice, coaching and mentoring.   Check out our promo for "Empire of the Heart" aka "Fearless Heart" on our film page.  Our creative team have inspired artists and managers for generations. Here, leadership flourishes inside the walls of our thriving community's many business entities.  Check out our books published!  Come be inspired!

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Marlene Mendoza Casting Director now casting for films that are fully financing for January, 2018.

Marlene Mendoza​​ ​Executive Producer, Casting Director, Leadership

See our film page for films we are casting now.  More to be added soon.  We require a contract be signed prior to working on your project as Casting Director and that some financing already be in place. 



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