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From loved local film artists and rhythmic world music to full-scale star-studded theatrical film productions from Broadway and beyond, our performing artist venues delight you from curtain rise to final encore to film.  More artists to be added soon.  Please fill out our contact form and we'll respond so you can send your resume, bio or demo reels. We're presently managing writers, producers, actors. On our film page we will be listing soon our films.  For now, you can see some of them on under Gilt Enter Films. 


Actor/Writer/Producer Thomas Raft

Gilt Enter Films Inc - Executive Producer, Talent Management, Leadership

We provide International Consulting, coaching and mentoring for multi-facet businesses.  If your company needs information on how to do a business plan, start-up or expansion on any type of business - please fill out our contact form.  Below our Paypal button shows you our hourly rate.

In addition, feast your eyes on some of the most inspiring film stories you'll find anywhere.  See our films on our film page.  Our community's of film producers and actors represent renowned artists from around the world in just about every genre imaginable. Most of our artists and producers even welcome you scheduling some one-on-one time with them for an intimate creative approach to help your screenplay become a reality. If interested in an actor or film services, please fill out our contact form.

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